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Beauty Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oils

The aromatic tropical plant lemongrass is native to India and, despite its name, isn’t actually related in any way to the citrus family. This fresh and fruity lemon-scented organic essential oil is a powerful extract that can be put to good use for plenty of beauty purposes. Known for a variety of uses throughout history, from de-stressing the body and mind to purifying the skin, here are a few brilliant skincare and beauty benefits of organic lemongrass essential oil.

1. Treats oily skin

One of the greatest beauty benefits of organic lemongrass essential oil is how it can help reduce oiliness and control shine. That’s why this ingredient is used in skincare products as a natural astringent to control excess oil on the skin.

2. Fabulous fragrance

Thanks to its deliciously fresh citrus fragrance, organic lemongrass essential oil has become an obvious choice to add to beauty products for its naturally appealing and tangy smell.

3. Acne-fighting qualities

For centuries, lemongrass has been used as a natural remedy to prevent infection and heal wounds. Scientific research has backed up this historic belief that lemongrass has antibacterial qualities which now, as part of a skincare formula, makes it a great tool for fighting pimple-causing bacteria.

4. Bath time stress buster

Many studies have found evidence to support the calming effects that aromatherapy essential oils can have on both body and mind. And the wonderful smell of organic lemongrass essential oil is a great way to relax the senses and pamper your skin.

5. Purifies skin

Organic lemongrass essential oil has purifying properties which make it perfect for skincare. These properties help to remove impurities, detoxify the skin and leave it feeling clean and clear.

6. Antioxidant benefits

Antioxidants are good for you as they help to neutralise damaging free radicals, which can be harmful to your skin. As a natural antioxidant, organic lemongrass essential oil is another defender in the fight against free radicals!

7. Promotes a good night’s sleep

Thanks to its soothing and calming properties, alongside its dreamy scent, organic lemongrass essential oil can help you to drift off into a more peaceful night’s rest.


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